JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) — The Jackson County Office of the Sheriff is getting its own K-9 Unit, thanks in part to a $25,000 donation from American 1 Credit Union on May 24.

Sheriff Gary Schuette said that having its own K-9 Unit dogs is very important for the sheriff’s office.

“When we have had a missing vulnerable person, such as a young child or a dementia patient, the quick use of a K-9 to track the individual is critical to a successful outcome,” Schuette said.

If a department doesn’t have its own dogs, it often has to request K-9 help from other agencies.

K-9 Unit dogs help with tracking missing persons and suspects, in addition to sniffing out narcotics.

“Our $25,000 donation brings necessary security and allows for a quicker response time to imminent concerns,” said Martha Fuerstenau, President and CEO of American 1 Credit Union.