LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – More than 300 Lansing townhomes got pink tagged over the weekend and some people living there say they might be forced out.

6 News has been covering the saga of the conditions at many Lansing apartment complexes.
We’ve shown you holes in ceilings and places infested with bugs, prompting the city of Lansing to hand out pink and red tags.

Over the weekend, it happened again, but this time, residents are not sure why.

More than 300 places were pink tagged at the Sycamore Townhomes on the city’s southwest side.

“They’re telling us everything is fine, but it must not be fine because if you let it get to this extreme it ain’t fine,” said resident Disheka Cain.

The mother of six said a leasing agent told her in less than a month, she and three of her kids may be without a place to live.

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“I wanted to faint! I wanted to faint because I’m fighting for me and my kids. It really ain’t even about me. It’s about my kids,” she said.

Cain says she pays more than $1,100 every month at Sycamore Townhomes. For the year she’s lived there, she says she’s never seen anything like this.

“So evidently, they don’t plan on doing nothing because if they planned on it, it wouldn’t have gotten this far,” said Cain.

When Cain brought her concerns to managers at the leasing office, they locked the doors.

Leasing agents also locked the doors when our 6 News cameras showed up.

A statement from the city of Lansing says issues at Sycamore Townhomes date back to 2017.

The city tried to reach an agreement with property owners at EVU Residential based out of New Jersey. But they haven’t held up their end, forcing the city to issue a final notice for lack of valid certificate of compliance.

That makes it illegal for the owners to rent out new units until further notice.

“Don’t take our money if you know we’ve gotta go,” said Cain.

At this point, Cain just wants to know if she’ll have to stay or go, she said.

6 News reached out to EVU Residential Monday afternoon. So far, we haven’t gotten a response.