LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – With the high school football season quickly approaching and all the talent Mid-Michigan has to offer, Henry Doerr had an idea.

“Scrolling through Instagram as a football player, there are so many pages that cover California football, Texas football, Florida football, and all these huge schools,” Doerr said. “I was just thinking to myself, what if somebody did that for us, in the Lansing area.”

So that’s what he did. A couple of weeks ago he started an Instagram page called ‘517breakdown‘, which showcases the football teams in the CAAC and around Mid-Michigan.

“Kids are on their phones all the time. So they can say, ‘Oh, it’s Saturday morning after a Friday night. Oh, I’ll just see all the recaps from all the games,'” Doerr said.

Doerr runs the account all by himself and, get this, he’s only in a high school. He’s a senior on the Lansing Catholic football team and has made graphics for all 19 teams in the conference, which shows keys games and key players.

“It takes a little bit of time doing it all myself, but I’m happy with the graphics and I think guys like it,” Doerr said.

If you check out his Instagram page, you might think it’s all Doerr’s opinion, but that is not the case. Before he hits that post button, he double and triple checks with other players around the conference to make sure everything that he posts is accurate.

“I can’t be everywhere. I’m a 17-year-old. So I’ll message players like ‘Hey I got my list, but I want to know who, in your opinion, would be the top three guys on your team,'” Doerr said. “Just to try and get an overview. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m missing somebody.”

Players across the conference have certainly taken notice of the account, especially the top three key players list Doerr created.

“No disrespect, I wasn’t on the top three, but we still had three great players on there in Ambrose (Wilson), Brevin (Jackson), and Asher (Gregory),” East Lansing senior wide receiver, Mason Woods said. “So, if it’s not me, I would want it to be them.”

“A team like East Lansing is loaded. They got so many guys that are really good,” Doerr said. “I was just trying to stick to three players, and if I left some people out, I felt bad because they are great.”

It’s all good and fun, and Doerr hopes to grow the account this season and in the future, even when he goes off to college next year.