911 line restored after statewide fiber optics outage


It’s a scary reality people all across the state faced this morning.

Every county in Mid-Michigan, with the exception of Ingham, experienced the outage.

While the issue is now resolved, it leaves many people with questions.

About how something like this would happen.

Hours of people not being to reach 911.

“If you did call, you would get a rapid ring tone and then you get a message saying that there was an error. Then it would drop the call.”

Michael Armitage, 911 Director for Eaton County says the outage started at 3 this morning and was not restored until 7 A.M.

They say it was out of their control.

“We still don’t know the root cause of it, it was a failure in the fiber optic network in the state.”

Eaton County sent out a text message.

Telling people to call their dispatch number to get help.

People were still left uneasy.

“I think its scary, I think its scary that, that can happen. There was very little information about why is happened. And what was causing it and when it would be restored.”

Armitage says something like this happening is unusual.

“Sometimes we will have an outage of..maybe somebody cuts a line in construction or something.”

Knowing help is just one phone call away.

“It’s just something you kind of take for granted. Until it is not there anymore. Then you realize how much you reply on that.”

As for, Armitage? He is just hoping something like this does not happen again.

“Were waiting for the vendor, anxiously waiting..what they are doing in the future to make sure it does not happen again.”

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