LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A shooting Sunday night on the south side of Lansing left one dead and one in critical condition

It was the city’s first homicide of 2023 and it involved teenagers.

Residents say that crimes like this are becoming all too common in their neighborhoods.

“I just heard a big bang and when I came to look one went straight up Osband and one went straight up Lenore,” one anonymous resident said.

This resident says it all happened around 7 o’clock Sunday night on Osband avenue. They didn’t see what lead up to the shooting but described the scene as pure chaos

“I just saw running and knew that a man was over here and the people across the street over there went to see him and the cops pulled up and it was just a madhouse.”

Lansing police say the shooting killed 18-year-old Makhi Williams and just a block away the cops found a 17 year in critical condition. The anonymous resident says this happens all the time.

“One happened down on this corner last year about last week or the week before here about 10 days ago I heard six pops up here somewhere.”

They also said that crimes involving teenagers are happening more often.

“Kids around here need help they’re getting pretty bad, they walk up and down the streets, and I guess the corner gas station’s been robbed a few times, it’s just not a good neighborhood anymore.”

Villages of Lansing is a group that works to address youth violence by providing community resources to those who need them.

“We do conflict resolution as well and I think that is a major one that young people don’t really have a skill of. Just learning how to be in conflict as long as your handling it correctly,” said Mike Lynn, Executive Director of Villages of Lansing.

If you know a teen that is at risk for violence, the Villages of Lansing say their door is open and they’re here to help.