Preventing accidental shooting: Gun safety in the home


Gun Safety is always an important topic.

Today is it back in the spotlight after kids were accidentally shot in the last few days.

Two boys were injured near Grayling after a gun went off inside their home as their father was getting ready to go hunting.

In Battle Creek, a toddler was injured after he picked up a gun that was left unattended.

“When you get lax with safety that is when there is always an accident that occurs.” said Mark Mills, firearm Educator for Shiawassee County.

Mark Mills has grown up around guns.

He says it’s important for everyone in the house to be educated on guns, not just the owner.

“How they work, what they are meant for and the destruction they can do if they are mishandled.” Millis added.

I asked him if children should have access to guns.

“I would say yes, absolutely. If they are there with an adult if they have gone through hunters safety and there is an adult present.” said Millis.

One hunter at the firing range, thinks there should be more requirements to own a gun.

“I feel like most of the time people are not educated the way they should be when they are handling the fire arms.” Kristopher Moore, Hunter.

Millis says some people underestimate the power of a gun.

He says, any firearm should be put away safely and should never be left alone.

“Unloaded locked in a lock box in your safe. Never in or around a coffee table, on the couch, around your bed. Never leave that unattended, always keep it locked up.” Millis added.

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