A Jackson Manufacturing company is using their special technique to help fight Coronavirus


With doctors desperate for supplies, manufactures are stepping up across the state, including at Technique Inc. The Jackson company is hoping to produce 5000 face masks per day.

Technique Inc. is a metal stamping, tube bending, laser cutting operation, but when President, and Owner Ronnie Johncox got a call from Henry Ford in need of masks they instantly made a change. The company went to work to help protect doctors, and other medical personnel as they save lives.

“We did a quick prototype Thursday afternoon, and refined it on Friday, and they ordered 2,500, and we launched into full production through the weekend,” said Johncox.               

Johncox says the change in technique is challenging with workers learning new skills like sewing, and dealing with supplies they haven’t used before.

They’re also finding new resources across the country, and prepared to do whatever it takes to get them as fast as possible.

“When I told them that we would fly our jet in to pick the materials up they thought I was joking, so I just paid with a credit card, and said we will be there, have it ready in two hours, and we pulled it off,” said Johncox.                 

Johncox says his employees are also on board, and are taking pride in the new challenge.

“It gives you a good feeling. It changes up the work flow a little bit so it’s a little more exciting. Everyone seems really into it, and it’s a good atmosphere,” said Pit Products Manager at Technique, Mark Cole.

The new masks are already being put to good use as health workers in Jackson are already getting in shipments everyday.

Technique says as long as they have enough supplies they will keep producing for as long as it takes. 

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