A local apartment complex’s bedbug nightmare


OKEMOS, Mich. (WLNS)—Most of us have heard of bed bugs…the parasites that could potentially live in your mattress, and feed solely on blood of people, and animals when they sleep. However, Peggy Miller, a local Okemos woman, and her neighbors are dealing first-hand with the creepy, crawly, invasive parasites… and they’re pleading for help.

“What I’m doing is I’m crying out not just for me or my friends, but for everyone here,” Miller exclaimed, “this is not okay.”

According to Miller, ever since February she’s dealt firsthand with bed bugs in the Carriage Lane Apartments subsidized public housing. Miller told 6 news reporter Araceli Crescencio, she felt them crawling on her body and when she laid down on her bed she caught a bed bug in her hand.

According to the CDC, bed bugs are not known to spread disease but can cause itching, sleep deprivation, and a chance at a secondary skin infection. Bed bug infestations usually occur in apartments, shelters, rooming homes, hotels, cruise ships, buses, trains, and dorm rooms.

Susan Gibbons is another resident of the Carriage Lane Apartments she says their is an infestation in her home as well.

“When I found out I wasn’t going to be treated for a month I thought that’s enough time for them to super mutate,” Gibbons stated.

In response to the bed bug situation, the Carriage Lane Apartment’s Director says they are willing to help.

“Weeks is actually kind of quick if you talk to the professionals we contract with Ehrlich and they come on a regular basis,” the Director of Carriage Lane Apartments said.

However, although these insects aren’t dangerous Miller told 6 news she has reached her breaking point.

“With the diagnosis disability mental illness… I myself have been stressed, and on top of it with this even more stressed how do you deal with it,” Miller said.

Carriage Lane Apartments states they understand the resident’s concerns and say they are being heard.

However, for Miller and for Gibbons they still tend to question why the bed bugs still are a nuisance where they live.

“They should be doing a full out treatment in this building to stop it. Put an end to it,” Miller and Gibbons suggested.

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