A new Art Center in Lansing features a new female art group


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — There’s a new art space in Lansing, and today the artists welcome dozens of people to their gallery for their grand openings. It’s called Opportunity Arts Artitorium.

It’s a space for artists to host their own events, and sell and create art.

“I think if you have so much talent here, a way for everybody to see that talent and experience that. That was for me what we wanted to is have something to do these artists that are from here could produce that stuff and attract other artists from other places to come here as well,” says Mike Marriott, co-owner of Opportunity Arts.

Marriott and his wife Dani started Opportunity Arts 4 years ago. Their business focuses on promotion and administration for artists. Today they opened the doors to their new space for Lansing artists.

“We felt that this would be a good platform for artists here in Lansing to be able to show their work and use this space to create work,” Marriott said.

Four Mid-Michigan women showcased their art together for the first time, they call themselves The 4 Aces. The group includes Mila Lynn, Sarah Sanders, Autumn Hopkins, and Kyle Kellett.

“Multiple groups of 4 but the visual arts hasn’t had anything like that so this is a whole new way of marketing art, showcasing it, for what it is,” said Sanders.

The goal for the group, to bring people together through art, inspire and empower women.

“I want a little girl like me who didn’t see that growing up that much to see that and be inspired and go to these events, and talk to them and see a woman trying to make her way through this industry,” said Autumn Hopkins.

Each artists wants people to connect with their work in a different way.

“I want them to feel one of three things, I want them to either feel educated, I want them to feel inspired or I want them to feel uplifted,” said Lynn.

“I want people to feel connected to nature and I want them to feel connected to themselves,” said Kellett.

It’s located on South Cedar Street in Lansing, and organizers hope to host a series of shows soon.

“I think that this is going to be a really excellent way of showing that there are hardworking artists. All of us are every single one of us, not just the aces. They put their emotions, their life, their experience into things, and being able to put this together it’s phenomenal and I’m honored to be here,” said Sanders.

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