LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – “It’s not just an old swimming pool it’s a historic, national landmark,” said Dale Schrader, representative for Friends of Moores Park Pool.

Moores Park Pool has seen better days, but soon new life may be coming to this old landmark thanks to some state funding.

“This is important for children learning to swim. It’s more than just historic, it’s a living thing that can be brought back and we have a group of people here in Lansing that are just waiting for this. There’s a large ground swell of people ready to come out,” said Schrader.

Dale Schrader has been fighting for the pool since it closed in 2019.

He says before it was shut down, the pool was considered the oldest continually operated public swimming pool in the country.

“The Moores Park Pool is a crown jewel you know, it’s almost a unique historical marker that not many other communities across the country can say that they have a pool of its kind,” he said.

State Senator Sarah Anthony is from the south side of Lansing and she knows how much this pool means to the area.

“So by preserving this pool but also investing in things like health and culture and fitness for our community, it’s really a win-win,” she said.

The state budget is still being finalized and supporters of the pool are hoping to get more than $6 million dollars to fix up the pool.

“It’s one piece that I’m fighting really hard for but ultimately it’s all about the negotiations and I hope it makes it across the finish line,” said Anthony.

There is no set date for the budget finalization, Anthony says they want it done right, not quickly.