East Lansing, Mich. (WLNS) –Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel Friday announced her office is forced to close their investigation into Michigan State University regarding Larry Nassar.

The MSU Board of Trustees denied Attorney General Nessel’s request to release more than 6,000 documents regarding the Larry Nassar sexual misconduct scandal, according to an announcement by MSU Board of Trustees Chair Dianne Byrum.

The letter from the trustees to Nessel states: “in the letter, you renewed your requests for the Board to take action of waiving attorney-client privilege. You also asked the Board to respond in writing by March 26, 2021. Please be advised that the Board will not be taking such action…”

In denying the release of these documents, Attorney General Nessel’s investigation remains incomplete.

Nessel had sent a letter to MSU Board of Trustees’ Chairperson Dianne Byrum Feb. 24 requesting that the university waive its privileges or otherwise deem the investigation inconclusive.

The investigation has been ongoing since 2016 under Michigan’s last Attorney General, Bill Schuette.

On March 25, Attorney General Nessel and a group of Michigan lawmakers sent the MSU Board of Trustees a letter.

The group of lawmakers, led by Democrat Julie Brixie and Senator Curtis Hertel called on the trustees to distribute 6,000 documents.

“Full transparency is essential to this investigation, and an impartial investigation is essential to restoring public trust. We owe it to the survivors, families, students, faculty, employees and the entire MSU community to have a full, transparent and impartial investigation completed. The MSU Board members have the opportunity to ensure this happens.”


On the list of people who signed the letter are 47 House and Senate members.

The attorney general’s letter is pasted below: