CHARLOTTE, Mich. (WLNS) — After weeks without a full department and 23 volunteer firefighters quitting the job at a city meeting, a resolution has finally been met for the Charlotte Fire Department.

A meeting was held on Monday, April 4, where all volunteer firefighters agreed to return.

A majority of the conversation during the meeting was between the public and officials on how to bring the team back together, and of course about the new fire chief that would be managing them.

The previous fire chief resigned the following day after all volunteer firefighters decided to hang up their uniforms.

The city council also made the decision to move forward with swearing in its new fire chief, former Bellevue Fire Chief, Mark Jordan.

According to officials, swearing Jordan in was needed as fire department matters can’t be addressed by the city manager without a fire chief present.

During the meeting, the volunteer group held its own vote session to approve Chief Jordan’s hire signaling their own return.

While last nights agenda did not have the discussion of volunteers on it, that quickly changed after one volunteer firefighter spoke up.

“The city attorney calls the volunteers employees however that is an incorrect categorization. The volunteers have never been directly employed by the city. We are a 1099 NEC independent contractors to the city through the Charlotte Volunteer Fire Department. The city of Charlotte has never hired a volunteer to the city of Charlotte Fire Department. The CVFD in all of its history has been solely responsible hiring volunteers through our constitution and hiring policy.”

Ron Smith, Volunteer Firefighter

The meeting that ran for over three hours, ended with an agreement and the return of the firefighters, along with a new chief.