LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Lansing police are looking into an incident where anti-Trump graffiti was sprayed on a driveway and two cars.

The home where the incident happened is on the 2800 block of Lasalle Gardens on the eastside of Lansing.

The homeowners say they think it happened sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

The spray paint on the driveway said ‘ANTIFA TARGETING ALL TRUMP NAZI SCUM.’

Meanwhile, the white spray paint on one of the cars said ‘Trump Lost’ and ‘ANTIFA REVENGE.’

The other car had red paint that said ‘PIG’ and white spray paint that said ‘TRUMP NAZI SCUM.’

People who live in the neighborhood say they are shocked by the messages and damage left at the home.

The couple says they are supporters of the former president but never expected something like this.

“I only slept an hour and a half last night. I kept coming out and looking out the window and flicking the lights off and on,” homeowner Sophia Russell.

Sophia and Edgar Russell say they are proud supporters of Donald Trump.

On Thursday morning, she says they woke up to find both of the couple’s cars covered in anti-Trump graffiti.

Even the side mirror of one car was spray painted. Edger Russell is a Vietnam veteran and is now in a wheelchair. He says he’s devastated to see politics get this ugly.

“You fight for this country and a lot of vets like me have agent orange and can hardly move or do stuff anymore this is a beautiful country. People are good, you get a couple of something like this but that doesn’t define everybody,” he said.

Some people online say the couple probably did this themselves. Sophia says that’s crazy.

“I wouldn’t have ever thought that someone would come up with that. I wouldn’t even think that way. I mean we have no motive, no purpose to do this we like a calm peaceful retirement,” Sophia said.

Both of their neighbors sport Democratic campaign signs and called the act “jarring”.

One man who lives just houses down called it “disgusting”.

“Hopefully it’s an isolated incident but I have no idea what brought it on but it’s just really ridiculous that something like that would happen,” neighbor Tim Gallagher said.

The couple said their next step is to work on their insurance to clean off the cars. An official with Lansing Police says a previous report of vandalism was made at the house back in 2020.

The minivan which had ‘Trump lost’ sprayed on it has a ‘Q’ on the back, which is often used to represent QAnon, a far-right conspiracy group.

Republican candidate for Michigan governor Tudor Dixon tweeted photos of the incident, calling out supporters of Gov. Whitmer and the governor herself.

“A retired couple in Lansing had their cars and property vandalized by the tolerant people of ANTIFA because the couple supports President Trump,” Dixon said. “Another example of the radical left’s “fight like hell” tactics, courtesy of Gretchen Whitmer.”

Lansing police confirmed they are looking into the incident and asked anyone with information to call 517-483-4600.