LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Lawmakers and proponents for road workers’ safety were at the Capitol Tuesday, supporting bills that would add speed cameras to work zones.

If signed into law, House Bills 4132 and 4133 would add the camera to highway and street work zones that are under the Michigan Department of Transportation’s jurisdiction.

When an automated speed enforcement system spots a car going more than 10 miles above the speed limit in a work zone, the first consequence would give a written warning.

Second and third violations between three-year spans respectively, would result in a driver being fined between $150 and $300.

“Our union views all of these occurrences as unacceptable and every member of our union should have the confidence that when they go to work in the morning they will be able to return safely to home at night to their families,” said Jonathan Byrd with the Michigan Laborers’ District Council.

Byrd said that Michigan’s average number of work zone deaths is 14, but that number is increasing.

Legislators only heard testimony Tuesday, but the bills are expected to be moved along to the Michigan House in the next few weeks.