Autumn Ridge residents want clarity after vacate notice


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– Residents at Autumn Ridge Apartments and Town Homes as well as Capitol Village Apartments were told they needed to vacate by January 31st. They don’t have to leave, but they do want some answers.

The apartments were “tagged” with pink notice to vacant slips on January 6th.

Notice to Vacate slip on resident’s door taken January 6th, 2020.

The tenants were aware that they didn’t have to vacate today, but are hoping problems at the complex get fixed soon.

“My water heater looked corroded and I told them it may need to be replaced, I told them my dryer wasn’t working properly, my dishwasher didn’t work properly, and my bathroom doors never shut,” said Autumn Ridge resident, Kelly Mandonado.

Mandonado isn’t the only one with a laundry list of issues.

She says once she found out the city was involved, she knew she had to do something.

“I recently wrote them a letter saying I’m putting my rent in escrow until they actually make the repairs that are needed and then I would pay them the rent,” said Mandonado.

Her letter got the attention of management at her complex.

“The very next day I got a letter on my door saying they’d be here Monday, February 3rd, to look at all the issues,” said Mandonado.

Not paying rent until something is done is a last resort, but a common one.

“Currently right now I have my money in an escrow account, so until I hear otherwise, that’s where it’s going to remain,” said Autumn Ridge resident, Thomas Askew.

Since the pink slips were put up in the beginning of the month, residents say they haven’t heard much from their complex and have been left with some unanswered questions.

“I mean a lot of people are left wondering what’s going to happen, for the next couple months about their leases,” said Askew.

Even if the problems do get fixed, Mandonado says she’s not hopeful it’ll cause any change.

“I don’t think that they’re going to change anything it’s been this way the whole 16 months that I’ve lived here, I’ve talked to other people that have lived her longer and they have said that they have the same issues,” said Mandonado.

6 News did reach out to management at the complex who gave us this statement:

The City of Lansing’s building department completed their inspection of Autumn Ridge and Capitol Village late last year. After those inspections, we were provided a list of items the City wanted completed. We continue to work diligently on all the disclosed items. It is very important to note the items the City wants done are not Life/Safety items and are a part of our normal routine maintenance. Furthermore, we do not believe the “tagging” was justified as the complexes have always been in compliance since we took ownership in 2014. The misleading and inappropriate “tagging” created a stressful situation for our residents that was not warranted. These units were certified and this was just part of the renewal process. We take care of our properties and remain responsive to our residents needs and always work to make repairs in a timely manner.

Official Statement from Autumn Ridge and Capitol Village Management

6 News spoke with Lansing Mayor Andy Schor who confirmed that the complex was not up to code when the notices were put on doors.

We also reached out to city officials who directed us towards this resident letter:

Resident Letter from the City of Lansing

“We all obviously just want a place to live you know to raise our families and live our life and you know that’s just being disrupted because most of us are just going to have to up and move somewhere else,” said Mandonado.

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