Battleground Michigan: An expert opinion


6 News sat down with ABC News Political Analyst Rick Klein to get his take on the battle for Michigan.

Chivon Kloepfer: Rick. Good to have you again, let’s jump right in, based on your political experience, how would you describe the 20, 20 presidential race in one word and then expand on that insane. I mean, every time we thought that this race couldn’t get any weirder, it has. And what’s interesting though, is that for as unstable, as events have felt, there is a.

Rick Klein: Stability to the polling in the race and whether that extends or not to the last 18 days, I don’t have a prediction on that. I know that we have been met by so many unexpected events. This has been in no way, stable as it’s been. It’s been no way been a predictable, uh , race or a calm race. It has been kind of all over the how important is Michigan in this race?

Rick Klein: Michigan has always been up there with it along with Wisconsin and Pennsylvania as the critical States. I mean, that’s how Donald Trump won the presidency by winning the upper Midwest battlegrounds that had part of the so-called blue wall, frankly, that’s drove a lot of Joe Biden’s appeal is to win back states like Michigan.

Rick Klein: In addition to Pennsylvania, where I am right now in Wisconsin, that’s the key to the election and that’s not the only route. That, uh, that Biden has, but it’s certainly the most enticing. And at this stage, maybe the most realistic for starters, uh, because, uh, as much as we’re talking about States like Florida and Texas and North Carolina and Arizona, they matter almost, not at all.

Chivon Kloepfer: If Joe Biden just wins back, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, let’s talk about mail and voting. Some states have been doing this by the masses for years and have it down to a science here in Michigan, not so much. What’s the strategy behind attacking. And then on the other side, encouraging mail-in voting.

Rick Klein: Well, it seems like the Republicans are trying to undermine confidence in the system. They’re worried that Democrats are going to be more motivated to vote via mail in a, and that’s why you see the president, uh, continually saying that, uh, That it just, isn’t a safe and secure way to count votes. On the other side, Democrats recognize that as a way to get more people to participate, it’s certainly easier than showing up at a polling place.

Chivon Kloepfer: You get lower propensity voters, maybe some older and, uh, and sicker voters as well. People that might be concerned about going out in public during COVID-19. So you’ve seen a lot of States expand the ways that people can vote, including by, by mail and a lot of folks. Uh, partaking of that option. How important are these last couple of weeks or have most people made up their minds by now?

Rick Klein: Yeah, I don’t think this is about undecided voters so much. I mean, that’s a tiny slice of the electorate and it isn’t enough to really determine the election, but, uh, persuasion matters. And people that might not be committed to a candidate or not committed to voting at all, or thinking about a third party candidate.

Chivon Kloepfer: They’re the people that are in play. They’re the people that both candidates need to close the deal with. A lot of it is playing up to your base, but it really is just convincing people of the stakes of the election and on the importance of voting for either candidate or any candidate at all. Do you see any major developments from now until election day?

Rick Klein: I think you have to expect the unexpected. We’ve seen so many surprises. Um, even before October that October surprise it seem inevitable. Uh, there will be other things that drop there’ll be other things that happen. Uh, world events always shaped the closing parts of campaigns. Obviously the fact that so many votes are already banked, uh, changes things a bit.

Chivon Kloepfer: It’s hard to make up a gap of when, when you have a dynamic process that is people voting, uh, literally by the minute by the hour. Uh, but yes, I think we have to be prepared to expect something different to happen or new, to happen in the, in the closing hours. Reclined, thank you so much. We appreciate your expertise on this.

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