Bill could help communities under State of Emergency


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Floods, sink holes and contaminated water, those are all types of emergencies that counties in Michigan have experienced.

A new bill in the state senate would make it much easier for communities to pick-up the pieces.

The legislation significantly increase the amount of aid the state could provide communities in the wake of large scale disasters.

To be eligible local communities would have to be under a state of disaster declared by the governor before any funds are expended through the Emergency Management Act.

Counties and municipalities with 10,000 or more residents that enter a state of emergency but can’t get any federal funding can apply for the grant.

Right now the state’s Disaster and Emergency Contingency Fund is limited to $100,000, but the bill heading to the senate would increase that to half -a- million dollars.

Senate fiscal analysts say several counties that got emergency funding in recent years-could have benefited from this kind of increase.

If a local community makes a claim it would be analyzed by a disaster assessment team who will determine if damages were a direct a result of the declared emergency before assistance is granted.

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