LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Governor Gretchen Whitmer needed 56 votes in the house last week to approve her tax-cut plan.

With the help of Republican Mike Mueller, she got it.

Now the focus is on the Senate for another vote, and the conservative group Americans for Prosperity wanted the governor to include a $700 million income tax rollback rate in the package.

Whitmer refused the rollback rate and lobbyist Annie Patnaude calls that a tax increase.

The governor and her legislative leaders argue the tax rollback gives very little to regular taxpayers.

Patnaude conceded the point but argued that everyone has been waiting 15 years for an income tax reduction

Democrats have enough votes to pass the plan, but in order to get a tax cut of $180 in the mail right now, they need six Repblican votes.

Senate Republican leader Aric Nesbitt is working to prevent his colleagues from helping the governor.

Despite this, Democratic leader Sen. Winnie Brinks has strongly hinted she may change the senate rules to allow the Democrats to send the checks without GOP support.