Cancelled shows lead to booming fire work sales


Experts say, it’s the busiest day of the year in the fireworks industry.

“The biggest problem right now is being able to keep the product out,” said General Manager of Big Fireworks, Brad White.

White says, he has never seen it like this before.

“I mean we’ve probably noticed at least sales are up two to three times at this point. People are coming in, and the first thing they are saying is our shows are canceled, so we have a lot of back yard shows going.”

With many big shows forced to cancel due to Covid-19 concerns, some people said they had to go a little bigger this year to put on their own show.

“With all the big shows being canceled we’re over here trying to buy you know some big fireworks, and make our own downtown show for our own neighborhood,” said Customer, Vincent Tueni.

The big fire works have not always been legal here in Michigan. White says, this year he’s seen a lot more people spending even more money. Today guy spent more than a thousand dollars at his store.

“Mostly our sixty gram canisters shells are probably are most popular. They’ve go the biggest bang, and they go the highest, and they have more bang for your buck you could say,” said White.

While fireworks are White’s passion, he says, he wants people to stay safe, and be respectful in the celebration so he and others can keep the show alive.

“Make sure you are taking the safety guidelines into affect when you are shooting that stuff, and have a great time.”

The Lansing Ordinance says you may shoot fire works off between 11 am, and 11:45 pm.

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