LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Today marked the first day of school for several districts across mid-Michigan, including St. Johns and Lansing.

Some were dropped off by their parents, while others had to take the bus.

6 News had a chance to catch up with a few high school students, and some who depend on the CATA bus to get to school say their ride was very delayed this morning.

But, some high school kids who use CATA for transportation learned this morning, that they’d need to get to school another way.

“I was sitting there at the bus stop, and it never came,” said student Riann Sturgisaboona.

“I was just worried that I was never gonna get to school today honestly. Before school started, me and my mom tested out the route twice. And it seemed to be on time at first. It said it was supposed to be there at 7:10 a.m. And I was there at 7 o’clock. And I waited half an hour and it still never came,” she said.

Thankfully she was able to catch a ride with a classmate. She says her mom tried to call CATA to see what happened.

“They had nothing to say about it,” Riann said. “I guess their only real explanation was because of the rain, but that really shouldn’t hold you up for a bus to be on time.”

Riann says this is all no excuse.

“A school bus, I’d understand a school bus being late. Because of it being the first day and they’re trying to figure everything out. But it’s the CATA bus, they ride the route every single day no matter what time it is.”

We tried reaching out to CATA for comment, they tell 6 News that they are just learning about this incident, and that they are doing what they can to get down to the bottom of this.