LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Since Proposal 3 passed during the midterm election, a group of Christians has said that it’s an attack on the unborn children in Michigan.

Dozens of people walked around the Capitol Wednesday to pray against what many call “a culture of death” in the state.

A mother of five said many people of faith have lost sight of what’s important.

“We’ve been silent for too long and we’ve allowed God to be pushed out of the political sphere,” Monica Poff said. “This is about coming together to pray but also just to make a public statement that we worship God over any politician.”

James DeSana is the son of newly elected Rep. Jim DeSana, who organized the procession. He said his faith means a lot to him, especially when it comes to abortion.

“Be witnesses to the faith and the truth and for all the little ones that are being murdered through abortion,” DeSana said.

Members of Michigan Pro-Choice With Heart said in a statement to 6 News that they are ecstatic about the proposal passing and that nothing in the proposal restricts one’s right not to seek an abortion.

Matt Poff said that what we need most in Michigan is a new perspective.

“Changing laws and kind of changing the overall outlook of how we view life in general. It’s precious and we believe it’s a blessing from God and we would like to see that preserved,” he said.