LANSING, Mich .(WLNS) – The City of Lansing has more than 500 municipal vehicles in its fleet.

The Director of Public Service for Lansing Andy Kilpatrick, is noticing some changes among the high gas prices.

“We definitely feel this increase probably more, at least, dollar-wise than an individual would. And something we are monitoring to see where the trend goes,” he said.

Kilpatrick said if gas prices stay at the level they are right now, it could cost an additional million dollars in fuel expenses for the year. And while they’re not making any changes yet, they’re not ruling out any options either.

“If we see prices stay high, we’ll probably have to be making some operational changes later in the year,” Kilpatrick said.

Local businesses are also feeling the pinch, like Duane Dodge. He’s been running his lawn care service for about 25 years.

“So, I’m well established but, it feels like it could all go away at any time because of the gas prices,” Dodge said.

He fills up his lawn mowers after every service he provides.

“So that’s affecting not only me and my business but the customers that I have too. Having to tell them we have to raise prices on them, we don’t want to scare them away, we want to keep them. But it seems like I can’t get a break in it.”

And with no end in sight, he has no choice but to ride it out.

“I wish there was another option, but right now it’s just a battle and as Americans, we have to be tough,” he said.