OKEMOS, Mich. (WLNS) — Kate Lyon is a 12 year old girl from Grand Rapids.

Lyon says she was visiting her grandparents in Okemos, when all of a sudden her grandpa started having a heart attack.

“I never would’ve thought I would’ve been the kind person to just do that,” said Kate.

Lyon was spending time with her grandfather when he started slumping over.

“He was like turning blue and purple and it was very scary to see him like that,” said Lyon.

Kate called 911 and her grandma tried to follow directions from the operator.

Eventually, Lyon told her grandma to move aside.

“I just jumped into like, I gotta do this. I can help. That’s all I was thinking about,” said Kate.

Lyon had learned how to do chest compressions in a babysitting class two months before this, but Kate says she never thought she would have to use it this soon.

“I thought maybe eventually like being with a kid, I don’t know, but definitely not with an adult,” said Kate.

When doctors heard what the 12 year old had done, they were shocked.

“To have such a brave young person jump in, in such a dramatic emergency situation was really remarkable,” said Greg Gilmour, the co-medical director of Mary Free Bed at Sparrow.

Gilmour said her stepping in helped with her grandpa’s recovery.

“Her quick action certainly helped the outcome be as good as it could have possibly been,” continued​ Gilmour.

Kate’s grandpa Tom Kissling said he was so happy that Kate was there.

“Everybody was in the right place at the right time,” said Kissling. “It was a miracle really.”

Kate is thankful to have known how to perform chest compressions, and she thinks everyone should learn.

“I think a lot of people should take a babysitting class or any kind of class where they can learn chest compressions, because you do never know when you could use it,” said Kate.

Doctors say that Kissling will be discharged from the hospital Saturday.

As for Kate? She’s looking forward to babysitting for the rest of the summer.