Meridian Township, Mich. (WLNS) — A conserve water notice has been issued for East Lansing and Meridian Township after a water line was damaged at a plant.

Officials said one of the main transmission water lines at the East Lansing and Meridian Township Water System plant was damaged on Tuesday, Jan. 10, which caused officials to not be able to treat water for its residents.

East Lansing resident Deborah Debbink was preparing for the worst.

“They let us know that there may be some water shortages, and to try to conserve some water, I was trying to figure out why it was,” said Debbink. “I thought I’d better get some bottled water, or boil it.”

Luckily, the Lansing Board of Water and Light has some linked water lines that they were able to open up.

“We asked the board of water and light to open some interconnects we have between the two systems, almost like a form of mutual aid agreement,” said Joel Martinez the Manager of East Lansing Meridian Water and Sewer. “There are no health hazards to the water in the distribution system the water is safe to drink.”

If your water bill comes from Meridian Township or East Lansing, you are a customer of the East Lansing and Meridian Township Water System (ELMWSA.)

To conserve water, ELMWSA customers should:

  1. Do not take baths at this time.
  2. Limit showers (in frequency and duration) to the greatest extent possible.
  3. Wait to do laundry and dishes.
  4. Refrain from all other high uses of water.

Safe drinking water is being supplied by Lansing Board of Water & Light, but conserving water will help avoid a boil water advisory, officials said.

Officials did not give a firm timeline for how long the notice will last, but said they hope to lift it in 24-48 hours.

“We are working to repair the broken water main. However, while this repair occurs,
there is limited water supply. In order to avoid pressure loss in the system, it is important for ELMWSA customers to conserve water until further notice. We will have an update for ELMWSA customers later today,” Officials said.

For more information, you can call Joel Martinez of the East Lansing – Meridian Water and Sewer Authority at (517) 337-7535.