Consumers Energy launches COVID-19 business survival kit


Small businesses suddenly searching for new ways to survive, it’s a familiar story around town.
To help in the fight, Consumers Energy developed the COVID-19 small business survival kit.

“The government has come out with great programming, but once a business, or a nonprofit logs on to those websites it can become overwhelming very quickly. So this tool kit really helps businesses, and nonprofits walk step by step through all the different things they can do to get through this trying time,” said Community Affairs Manager at Consumers Energy, Mindy Bradishorta.

The kit helps with checklist tasks such as, calling landlords, and banks to manage expenses, and pay bills. There are also tools to help analyze unemployment compensation, as well as several programs, and benefits to take advantage of.

“You can do a really easy high level, or you can get into the weeds of it, and really dive into the programs that are available,” said Bradishorta.

The kit is completely free and available to download. It was put together with help from the Jackson Chamber of Commerce, the Enterprise group of Jackson, the Jackson Anchor Initiative, and the Nonprofit Network.

“People can go, and download it. There is a budget spreadsheet that has numbers in just as an example. Businesses can put their own numbers in, and figure out what they qualify for, and what their needs are,” said Bradishorta.

Consumers energy hopes this can help ease the heavy burden put on the backs of so many businesses.

“When you are in that frame of mind it’s really hard to understand and process the resources that are available to you. So this tool kit makes it simple, helps you walk through it step by step,” said Bradishorta.

Here is a link to one place where you can download the kit.

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