OKEMOS, Mich. (WLNS) — Beginning Monday, Jan. 24, Okemos High School is starting a new policy that will require students to keep their backpacks in their lockers during the day.

This decision was discussed in December after the Oxford High School shooting. It has caused controversy among students ever since.

Students and parents say its taking away students freedom and it isn’t ideal.

The school responded saying it’s about being safe and preventing any future tragedies like they saw in Oxford.

For the new policy, backpacks can still be brought into the school, but need to remain in students lockers during the day.

For students, this means going back to lockers in-between classes to collect any supplies they need for their next class.

Currently students have a seven minute passing period, which they say isn’t long enough.

The school put out a statement saying they know banning backpacks in classrooms and hallways won’t solve all safety concerns, but it helps.

“Eliminating backpacks in the classrooms and throughout the halls during the school day adds a layer of deterrence by giving our school community the potential of seeing and reporting weapons or other items of concern to allow school staff precious minutes to respond and secure the school.”

Statement from Okemos High School

This strategy is widely supported by law enforcement.

In response, students started a petition, which now has approximately 800 signatures.

To show their stance, students walked out of their classrooms on Jan. 11.

Other efforts led by students include putting together a remixed song on YouTube that calls out the administration.

“Why’s administration so dense. And good for you, but you’ve done so many things wrong, that now it’s time for you to hear our two cents,” Okemos High School students sang in the remixed song.

Beginning Monday, Jan. 24, students will spend the first hour of school practicing this new transition that involves looking for lockers, figuring out their locker combination and timing out their breaks.

The school says ideas of metal detectors, more security and counseling staff will also be considered for the future.

Students can also report behavior that is dangerous, destructive or disturbing to a trusted adult or by contacting Ok2say.com.