LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Plenty of companies in Michigan work with the Department of Defense, General Services Administration or NASA and an event in Lansing Monday will help them meet new requirements to defend their work against cyber-attacks.

Every day there are hundreds-of-thousands of cyber security attacks happening across the globe, putting your sensitive information at risk.

Now many federal contractors are required to tighten-up their networks and systems with new practices to protect their facilities and equipment by the end of this year.

Defense manufacturing is one of the largest sectors of industry in Michigan with over 100,000 employees and pulling in around $9 billion in revenue a year.

Federal administrators want to make sure intellectual property is secure by rolling out new regulations to protect our national defense system.

Businesses are not the only ones at risk for ransomware and hacks.

The general public are victims, too.

The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center has a few tips on how you can keep your private information secure.

• Shut down your computer even if it’s in “safe-mode”. As long as your computer is on and your internet is connected, you can be hacked.

• Be careful when opening attachments. Make sure the sender is a source you trust. Some attachments can put your information at risks once they’re opened.

• Always keep anti-virus software on your computer.

• Be careful when using open Wi-Fi networks (i.e. libraries, coffee shops). Data from your phone or mobile device is vulnerable in open network settings.