LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — A small deer that was roaming Lansing with a plastic pumpkin candy bucket stuck to its head is free.

Video shared on Facebook by the South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery shows the team’s work to free the young deer from the plastic pumpkin prison.

The group has named the deer Lucky, due to the furry fella’s release from the bucket.

A team of six with the recovery group could be seen running to the deer just moments after the deer was caught by a net hung above.

It took the group less than three minutes to help Lucky get out of the bucket.

The deer was spotted by Lansing resident Michael Brown. Brown said the deer has had the bucket stuck to it for two weeks.

A photo of the Lansing deer with a plastic pumpkin stuck to its head

Other neighbors had been also trying to help free the deer, but prior attempts were unsuccessful.

South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery, a group that helped resolve a similar situation in the Detroit area in December, runs solely off of donations for their work.