LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Democrats are hoping to get GOP support for a series of gun safety issues.

Is the MSU mass shooting the one tragic event that unlocks the legislative door to more gun safety laws?

Part of the answer may lie in a release from the new House GOP leader Matt Hall.

In it, he outlines what the Republicans supported in 2022, including setting up a school safety commission, hiring more school safety personnel and expanding an emergency tip line.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer previously said in her State of the State address that she wants universal background checks for those who want to buy guns, as well as safe storage laws and red flag laws.

Some might argue a red flag law might have prevented the shooter from doing what he did.

Republican state Rep. Luke Meerman co-chaired the School Safety Commission in 2022 and he reported that there were no gun control laws in the report because the votes in the legislature weren’t there to do it.

“Some people will say we don’t get hard things done, but if there isn’t support across the legislature it’s not going to get done,” said Meerman.

But since there is a new legislature controlled by Democrats, state Sen. Rosemary Bayer hopes to get it done with the help of some Republicans.

“We have had offers of support from both sides of the aisle and that is our intent to get some kind of legislation that everyone can support,” said Bayer.

A Detroit Regional Chamber reported that 90% of people favor more extensive background checks, and 93% of those in favor are gun owners.

Additionally, around 74% favor red flag laws, and 63% favor a safe gun storage law.

The National Rifle Association opposes all of Whitmer’s proposals and vowed to fight the Democrats to block them.

Democrats were going to advance their bills in April, but in the wake of what happened just eight miles from the State Capitol Monday night, they are speeding up the introduction.