“Dealing with the fear as well as well as trying to learn what the virus was doing was pretty intense,” said Dr. Vivek Kak.

Doctor Vivek Kak is the Infection Prevention Medical Director at Henry Ford Allegiance Health. He’s been on the front lines in the fight against Covid-19, and calls it a-once-in-a-lifetime event. The doctor added, stay at home measures, and social distancing are working here in Michigan.

“Thankfully with time we have a better handle of how to kind of identify patients, how to treat them, and more importantly what works in terms of treatment, and what doesn’t,” said Dr. Kak.                     

Doctor Kak says, it’s important to get treatment as soon as you show symptoms, that’s where steroids are the most effective. Doctor Kak also says wearing a mask continues to be a key factor in prevention.

“Wearing a mask isn’t as much as protecting yourself. It is protecting everyone around you. I think once we start thinking about mask wearing as protecting somebody else, that’s when I think we will gain much better traction, said Dr. Kak.

Doctor Kak says, he doesn’t expect a vaccine to be available for quite a while, and that’s why people have to take precautions, especially in the fall when schools re-open, and people go back inside as the temperature drops.

“At least in Michigan we did a pretty good job of keeping people home, so that helped us quite a bit, but in fall I think there is going to be, if you don’t follow the masking stuff we will see another spike in the fall.”