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Doctors remind public to take COVID-19 safety measures seriously


“If we keep kind of blowing it off as something that we will get over, we are going to have another surge,” said Infection Prevention Medical Director at Henry Ford Allegiance Health, Vivek Kak

Dr. Kak says, we need to be thinking about this as a war, and one that can’t be won unless everyone is on board, and right now he says that’s not the case.

“Just because it is not happening in front of you, doesn’t mean it is not happening period, and it’s the classic ostrich in the sand approach,” said Dr. Kak.

New Michigan cases have increased in the past week. Research is showing doctors that the majority of young people will not get sick, but the concern remains for the elderly population, and people with pre-existing conditions, including lung, and heart conditions, as well as diabetes. That’s why it’s important for everyone to take this seriously.

“The kids are going to spread the disease to individuals who are older with weaker immune system, and there are enough of those in the country that they will get sick, and they will overwhelm hospitals,” said Kak.

If the spike keeps increasing, Dr. Kak says, hospitals in Michigan are more prepared.

“We know certain things that work in terms of the breathing, and how do we manage patients who get on the ventilator, and how do we prevent people from getting on the ventilator, and what are the sorts of medication that we use to sedate, so there are protocols that are a lot better,” said Dr. Kak.

For now, Dr. Kak doesn’t want people to drop their guard.

“I think this is something that we have to be able to beat, otherwise there are going to be a lot less people in this country in 2022.”

Doctors say the best protection remains avoiding mass gatherings when possible, and ensure that the people around you are safe. This includes wearing a mask.

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