JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS)—If you’re looking to send mail to the Jackson County jail you’ll have to send it to Florida. The department is changing the way they handle inmate mail. There are multiple reasons for the change.

The Jackson County Sheriffs Department says they found several cases where people who had Covid-19 tried to send mail to inmates. They were hoping they would catch it so they could be released. The plan was picked up by employees and several informants.

“A couple of them noticed that on a couple of our letters it said lick here and you know put your mouth over here and then it had a circle and an infected person had allegedly licked a piece of paper there,” said Jackson County Sheriff, Gary Schuette.

The jail did go through multiple outbreaks during the pandemic, but in this instance there is no need to worry. Doctors say you can’t catch Covid this way.

“The likelihood of the virus surviving for any degree is pretty miniscule. So, by the time you lick it and send it in the mail and it reaches the other person it’s not going to be a potential for spreading that virus,” said Infectious disease Specialist at Henry Ford Allegiance Health, Dr. Vivek Kak.

The sheriffs department is now using an all new mailing system. Now, all mail is sent to Florida through a company called Smart Technologies. It’s there where it will be inspected and sent back for inmates to view digitally on tablets, but the real reason for the change is part of another recent mail concern.

“In the last couple of months, we’ve had four overdoses inside the facility and those overdoses were a result of drugs coming in through the mail and we had detected suboxone a couple of different times that have been placed in different letters as well,” said Shuette.

The sheriff says the new process won’t change much for inmates.

“It’s a couple day delay for the letters that come in for us but it makes our security much safer.”

All incoming mail must be sent to a new address to the company’s processing center in Florida. That address is listed below.

(Inmate Name) (Inmate ID)

C/O Mail Processing Center

P.O. Box 9167

Seminole, Florida 33775-9167