BATH, Mich. (WLNS) – After losing its chance to host an NCAA regional tournament in 2020, due to COVID-19, Eagle Eye Golf Club will finally get its chance to welcome in some of the best men’s college golfers in the country.

Beginning Monday, May 15, Eagle Eye will host 13 programs, who will look to punch a ticket to the national championship in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Eagle Eye is one of five regional tournaments being held across the country and Michigan State, who is the No. 10 seed, is already reaping the benefits of being the host.

While the 12 other teams won’t be in town until the weekend, the Spartans are already getting their reps in at Eagle Eye. On Monday, May 8, MSU played a round on the course and plans on doing so every day except Wednesday, May 10, prior to Sunday’s official practice round.

“Getting to drive our cars here, and be on our time, and knowing the golf course, everything I think it’s going to be moving a lot slower for us,” MSU senior golfer Troy Taylor II said. “I think the guys are going to be in a better space and not feel as much pressure because we play (Eagle Eye) all the time and it’s just going to feel like another day out here.”

MSU senior golfer Bradley Smithson said, “In the postseason, it’s a little more difficult for people just to show up and play one practice round, in one of the biggest tournaments of the year. It’s a little less stress on us knowing the golf course and just being at home.

Illinois, who has won the Big Ten eight years in a row, will be the No. 1 Seed in the Bath Regional tournament.

The course is essentially in summer shape a few weeks earlier than normal. The NCAA will be moving the pins before Sunday’s practice round and will also be converting some of the holes.

The ninth hole, which is typically a par five, is going to turned into a long par four, per the director of golf at Eagle Eye, Luke Thode.

He’s been working very closely with MSU and the NCAA, and all parties have put in countless hours to make it all possible.

“The greens are moving a little faster than they would at this time on a normal year,” Thode said. “We did some prep in the fall as well as in the spring.”

“The community has done an awesome job. I think we have over 70 volunteers for the event. So, that’s amazing. Everyone around the area is stepping up and proud of what we have going on here. As far as the golf course, we’ve hosted other big championships before. The Michigan PGA being one and the Michigan Amateur being another, but this is probably on a different level than those,” Thode added.

The tournament runs from May 15-17 and admission is free. Check out our full coverage in the videos above.