CLINTON COUNTY, Mich. (WLNS) — Mid-Michigan business leaders are sharing more details Thursday night on the possible industrial site slated for Eagle Township.

The news of the possible development has garnered both praise and concern from people who live and work nearby.

The meeting started at 6 p.m., and opened with a presentation from the Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) to answer commonly asked questions about the project.

LEAP leaders said they want to ensure community members understand their dreams to bring in a high-tech manufacturing plant to the community.

While the mega site project is just in its very early stages, they say it could bring in thousands of jobs to the area and secure chip-making in the U.S.

But many people who live in town say they are concerned about it decreasing home value, changing farmland as well as possible environmental impacts.

“The lack of transparency, the secrecy, our supervisor signed and NDA and didn’t talk to the board, and when she did talk to the board in August, she didn’t send out a message to any of the residents to let them know this is that,” said Cori Feldpausch, an Eagle Township resident.

Many opponents to the site said they are not against the job opportunities but do not think Eagle Township is the right place.

“The greater good can better be served in a place where they need the jobs, want an influx of people and supports the project,” said Mike Dyer, a man who spoke against the project.

According to LEAP President and CEO Bob Trezise, the site’s placement has logistical and research advantages by being close to several highways and Michigan State University.

“65% of [computer] chips are made in Taiwan that appear here in the United Sstates. that is not a safe and secure moment for the united states. So we have to re-shore these manufacturers,” Trezise said.

He also said he understands residents’ concerns about the site, but added that if built, the site could boost the state economy, and add thousands of new jobs to the area.

“Our ultimate dream, we are very open about it, is a chip-making plant, that’s a semi-conductor that would make us, the Lansing area, a real global hub for the highest technology that exists,” Trezise said. ” Maybe this is the area that should be thought with a sense of compromise and national security and thinking about what’s best for our next generation. I know it’s not easy for some people and I’m very respectful of that.”

Recently, opposition to any mega site plans escalated to a recall petition aimed at the township supervisor for entering a non-disclosure agreement on behalf of the Eagle Township Board of Trustees.