EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The East Lansing Police Department has shared more details about a chase that ended in a crash at the intersection of E. Saginaw Street and Howard Avenue, right outside the WLNS station.

Police said they were sent to the 100 block of Reniger Ct. for an armed robbery, but when the officers arrived, the suspects had already left. The officers said they got a description of the suspects and their car.

Eventually, police said they figured out the car had been stolen from another jurisdiction.

Later on, an ELPD officer spotted the car at the Burger King across the street from Frandor Shopping Center. Police said the suspects were not in the car, and were inside the restaurant.

Police officers from multiple jurisdictions tried to stop the car in the parking lot, but the car backed into an ELPD car and sped off.

The car was heading east on Saginaw when Lansing police started pursuing the car, eventually leading to a crash.

The two people who were inside the car are now in police custody, and no ELPD officers were hurt, police said.