EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The East Lansing Police Oversight Commission is holding a special meeting in the wake of the police-involved shooting at Meijer on Lake Lansing Road on Monday.

Chief Kim Johnson began the meeting with the next steps for the commission moving forward after the shooting.

The chief then reviewed what happened and said this is the first officer-involved shooting in the history of the department.

Johnson also said that the plan was to release the footage soon in a press conference, but wanted the opinion of the police commission.

“We’re still compiling the video and of course we wanted to talk to the commission today,” Chief Johnson said.

Chief Johnson said that the dispatch call described the shooting victim as a Black male.

In addition, Johnson said that they plan to release the video before the investigation is completed.

The police commission also added that Meijer does not have a rule against concealed carry.

One member of the oversight commission asked the chief why are the officers involved still on the staff and being paid if they obviously violated department policy. Another member added on to that, asking why the officers have not been arrested.

Officials confirmed that the shooting victim from the incident is under arrest, but stemming from a different incident. At this time, they have not been charged for this incident.

Next, Johnson said that he has not personally seen video of the incident, prompting many members of the oversight commission to ask him why.

Officials say the names of the officers involved in the incident will not be released until the investigation from the Michigan State Police is completed.

Johnson said which specific videos that will be released are not known at this time, they will just try to compile videos that show what happened.

The commissioners voted unanimously that the videos should be released between 3-7 days.

If Johnson doesn’t meet the deadline, the commission asks he send a written statement for why he didn’t meet that goal. But it’s clear, the community won’t stop demanding its release.

“We are hurting. A shot fired in East Lansing is felt across this community. We are demanding the immediate release of the video, and the immediate release of the officers name,” said Black Lives Matter Lansing leader, Sean Holland.


A 21-year-old man from Lansing was shot by police at Meijer on Monday, and was still in the hospital and in custody as of Tuesday. Michigan State Police added that the suspect is in police custody on unrelated charges and was out on bond related to those charges.

It all started around 6:30 p.m. Monday, when officers with the East Lansing Police Department (ELPD) were sent to the Meijer at 1350 W. Lake Lansing Road for a weapons complaint.

A caller told police a man pulled a gun out of a car, stuck it in his pocket and went into the store.

When officers got to the store, they saw a man that matched the description given by the caller.

A chase started and both the officers and the man left the store, and when the officers came in contact with the man, shots were fired, according to police.

The man was hit and later taken to the hospital, where police say he is now stable. According to ELPD, no one else was injured.

Officials also said a weapon was retrieved at the scene.

However, family members tell 6 News they believe the shooting was uncalled for. They say he was doing nothing wrong and they believe he was targeted for his race.

“He had his hands in the air, and they continued to shoot him,” said his aunt, Charity VanAtten.

“I seen him on the floor and I’m just screaming telling them to stop shooting stop shooting,” said his girlfriend, Katy.

The girlfriend of the man who was shot says she was too emotional to go on camera, but said she saw the whole thing happen while sitting in a car with her 8-month-old child.

“They started pulling their guns out at me and my baby,” she said. “The officer that shot him the first time and dropped his taser, like snatched me away and kept pushing me and pushing me.”

The man’s aunt says he did suffer broken ribs from the encounter with the police.

To reiterate, police have said there was a gun recovered on scene, but no further details have been given.

The two officers involved are on paid administrative leave, and the Michigan State Police continue to investigate.