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East Lansing restaurants say they need more employees

The pandemic left many restaurants without employees. With school coming to an end restaurants in East Lansing say they need help.

There are ‘help wanted’ signs all over town. Fast food restaurants like Taco Bell, McDonalds, Wendy’s and even restaurants in downtown East Lansing are looking to hire more people.

I spoke to employees at Baps Home Style Korean Barbeque, they say they’ve had their help wanted sign outside their window since the start of the pandemic.

The owner said before the pandemic they had 20 employees but now they only have 4. Many of them were scared to come because of the pandemic.

For nearly 11 months the owner ran his restaurant by himself with strictly take out. It was only a month ago when Ryan and his friends returned to work because they knew the owner was struggling.

“We’ve been struggling to kind of recruiting more people right now, since everyone’s getting vaccinated, especially with MSU are providing the vaccines for students. Yeah. That we’re hoping more people work here and more customers come in to like enjoy the food,” said Ryan Young, employee at BAPS.

Other restaurants say they only plan to hire a few more people when summer reopens because they aren’t as busy when school is out.

As for BAPS Korean Barbeque, they’re hoping to get more employees once school closes.