EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – MacDonald middle school physical education teacher Dennis Petrowitz admitted to using the “N-word” in both his fourth and sixth-hour classes on Wednesday, May 10, reports East Lansing Info.

This came after an incident where students used the same racial slur.

In an email sent out to parents, Petrowitz says some students used the N-word when talking to each other.

He told them to stop, but then he used the word himself while interacting with the students.

Petrowitz called for assistance due to behavioral issues during the class. Then later on in his sixth-hour P.E. class, Petrowitz used the word again when talking about the previous incident.

In that email, originally obtained by East Lansing Info, Petrowitz said:

“I immediately felt terrible and regretted using it. I take full accountability for the harm my actions have caused to students, staff and families, especially those of color. I understand that the use of the N-word is wrong and have no intentions of ever doing so again. I have been an educator for many decades and I’m proud to work in a diverse community and school district.”

6 News has contacted East Lansing Public Schools for comment and more information but has not heard back.

According to East Lansing Info, an update sent out by the school’s principal to families said the decision to place Petrowitz on administrative leave comes after a discussion with students where they had an opportunity to share their comments and feedback.

A guest teacher will take over his classes.