LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Sounds of car horns and cheers from more than a hundred students filled the front sidewalks of Eastern High School today. It was part of a planned walkout from class to show support for a women’s right to choose to have an abortion.

Senior Kamron Smith helped organize the rally. Smith felt the need to do something after hearing last week’s leak that the Supreme Court would overturn Roe v. Wade.”

As somebody who stands up for women’s rights and somebody who is a part of the LGBTQ community, having to fight for rights over and over again, it kind of gets ridiculous, especially as a free country. It’s kind of getting tiring having to bring up the same stuff over and over again. We’ve been through this once hence why we have Roe v. Wade, so why are we trying to overturn it?” Smith said.

Other students like Mary Defrees say they wanted to make sure the voices of the younger generation were heard.

“I think it’s just really important that every woman in their extremely unique circumstances has the right to be able to decide what they want to do with their bodies,” said the Eastern High School Senior.

The school was aware this was happening and staffers were outside making sure everything was under control. Smith says seeing so many students participate was surprising.

“It means a lot that they are all out here showing their support and listening and not doing too much. They’re protesting and having a good time, and trying to show their opinions and that they are the future and that this is their voice and they have a voice and we have that right to protest peacefully,” Smith said.

In response, Right to Life Michigan provided a statement.

“Right to Life of Michigan supports the right to peaceably assemble and to protest.  Pro-life people have been protesting the killing of unborn babies for 49 years. Thousands of high school and college students attend the annual March for Life in D.C. every year, and pro-life groups are found across the state on high school and college campuses.  We hope abortion supporters will respect the property and safety of those who disagree with them and will respectfully co-exist with pro-life individuals who counterprotest.”