Eaton County Board of Commissioners vote on “amended resolution”


CHARLOTTE, Mich. (WLNS)– The Eaton County Board of Commissioners held a board meeting tonight and on the agenda was a resolution for Eaton County to become a Second Amendment Sanctuary County.

A board commissioner proposed another “amended resolution.” It’s similar to the original resolution but has some different verbiage.

The new resolution was voted on 9-6 by the board. It supports the Second Amendment to bear arms, but opposes any illegal seizure of firearms.

The board agreed that the vote could not overpower the local Sheriff or Prosecutor.

Last night, the Jackson County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution to become a Second Amendment Sanctuary County.

Other counties, like Livingston County, are still considering it and it will be put infront of the Livingston County board on Monday.

“It’s kind of like a symbolic thing, and it makes the people feel like you’re joining with your local officials to stand up and say we are not going to abide by any unconstitutional laws,” said one supporter of the resolution, Candy Eldred.

Some people opposed the resolution and says it puts pressure on local elected officials.

“They are restricting our elected officials so that no improvement s can be made, no progress can be made to try and keep people safe,” said Helen Schneider.

This wave of Second Amendment Sanctuary County votes has been happening across the U.S. since 2018, but really started picking up in Virginia last month.

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