LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Flags are being flown at half-staff at the Michigan State Capitol Wednesday, marking one year since a student opened fire at Oxford High School.

Four students died and seven others were injured.

Michiganders are remembering what happened one year ago in a variety of ways, all in an effort to honor those who died at Oxford High.

“I still remember last year, a year ago today, very clearly and just remembering all of the hurt and the pain that just rippled not only through the Oxford community but through our state and through our country,” said Megan Dombrowski, a volunteer with Students Demand Action.

Students Demand Action focuses on advocating for measures to be put in place to keep communities safe.

“I hope that as we reflect on this one-year anniversary and all the other mass shootings we’ve had in our country since then, that our legislators are renewed with a sense of action that something must be done,” Dombrowski said.

Officials in the Lansing School District say that action needs to be taken.

“My thoughts certainly go out to the families, but it’s got to be more than thoughts, right? It’s got to be actions,” said Ben Schuldiner, the Superintendent of the Lansing School District.

“Not only do we have an entire department of public safety with a director and executive director, but we also have invested quite a lot into safety and security,” Schuldiner continued.

Superintendent Schuldiner said more than a thousand video cameras, school security officers and even secured entrance areas are just some of the measures that the district has taken.

Flags should be returned to full staff on Thursday, Dec 1.