LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A father and his foundation are facing a road block on the anniversary of his son’s death.

It’s been four years since Michael McKissic II was shot and killed in Lansing. He was only 23 years old.

Today his family and friends came together to celebrate his life, but they’re also going through a rough time, after someone broke in a home and stole several items from his foundation.

“You’re trying to do something positive in the neighborhood and something with the youth, and for something like this to happen is very disappointing,” said McKissic’s father, Michael McKissic.

It’s an obstacle McKissic never thought he’d experience. He founded the Mikey 23 Foundation in honor of his son who was killed four years ago today.

The foundation helps young men learn a skilled trade by building houses around the city, but the equipment they use to do this was stolen from one of the homes last week.

“On one hand, somebody is stealing out of the house, the Mikey 23 house, and on the other hand, we’re celebrating his, we call it celebrating because Michael’s death, we’re not going to let his death be in vain. We’re trying to do something positive, which is rehabbing houses and teaching youth a building trade, so it’s a double edged sword,” said McKissic.

McKissic says tools, generators, and snow blowers were all taken from the house, but now he’s getting an outpouring of support with the community pitching in to help out.

“They’ve not just robbed tools, they have robbed part of a legacy, part of training, part of the future of our young people,” said Judge Rosemarie Aquilina of the 30th Circuit Court.

“To have someone have the guts in the middle of the day to come steal stuff, it’s sad,” said Pat Gillespie, the president of the Gillespie Group.

“Burglaries can be challenging,” said Lansing Police Captain Rob Backus. “We really require or rely a lot on our community and our neighborhood providing us with information.”

McKissic hopes that someone will come forward, return the tools, and do the right thing.

“When you see positive things going on, you shouldn’t try to hinder them,” said McKissic.

If you know anything about what happened, you can call Lansing Police Detective Frank Mobley at (517) 483-6842 or email him at

If you’d like to donate to the Mikey 23 Foundation during this hard time, click here.