EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – From the time he was in middle school to now, a senior at East Lansing, Evan Sundermann has turned himself into one of the top punters in the Class of 2022.

“It was in the 7th grade when they had me punt, but I was just messing around really. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I took it more seriously in 8th grade,” Sundermann said. “It really just started with Youtube videos, and I just found it really interesting and it’s kind of gone on from there.”

“I am really excited for him, especially when I see a really good punt and I can hear the reaction of the crowd. It’s pretty cool,” Evan’s mother, Tonya Sundermann said.

According to ‘Chris Sailer Kicking‘, Sundermann is the No. 1 punter in the state of Michigan. Also, this past summer, Sundermann attended a camp put on by ‘The Kicking Coach‘, who has him labeled as a 5-star recruit.

Sundermann has also trained and received help from local rival Ryan Anderson, who played football at DeWitt and went on to punt for Rutgers.

“For several years he worked with a trainer and we were like ‘O.K, he’s pretty good at this’ and, of course, as his parents, we always think he’s fabulous, but when we started going to these national camps, it was like ‘O.K. he’s really got something here,'” Tonya Sundermann said.

As a freshman, Sundermann was called up to the varsity team to punt for East Lansing in a playoff game versus Haslett. His first two punts were actually blocked, but ever since then, he has been a true weapon for the Trojans, putting all the pressure on those returning his kicks.

“I was messing around this summer and I hit a 73-yard punt,” Sundermann said. “Whenever you punt by yourself you have to minus ten because of where the line of scrimmage is. So really 63-yards.”

That big leg of his has led to three Division 2 offers (Hillsdale, Saginaw Valley, and Davenport), but he’s still waiting for that first D1 offer.

“The D1 offers, a lot of their stuff is different because of Covid years. So, they don’t know what their rosters are going to look like, and with punting you really only put one punter on scholarship,” Evan said. “So, it’s really uncertain right now. It’s late, but I’m sure it will come eventually, I just have to be patient.”