Experts give tips on how to prevent freezing pipes, save money on your energy bill


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)—As bitter cold temperatures arrive in Mid-Michigan there’s one thing you don’t want to see freeze, your pipes. it’s a common problem plumbers like Roger Jarvis sees around this time every year.

“If normally water comes out, but all of a sudden nothing is coming out in this frigid temperatures it might be frozen,” said Owner of Roger the Plumber Lansing, Roger Jarvis.

Jarvis says, making sure your home doesn’t have any outside drafts in places like a crawl space or basement is the best way to avoid your pipes from freezing.

“Make sure everything is sealed under there, so you don’t have any outside air able to blow in there. That’s the biggest thing you can do.”

Experts at Consumers Energy say sealing up your house will also help you save on your energy bill.

“For every eighth of an inch gap you have around a door or a window that is a equal to a softball size hole in your door or windows,” said Spokesperson for Consumers Energy, Debra McIntyre-Dodd.

Adding if you’re worried about gaps it’s smart to make a trip to the local hardware store.
It’s a really good idea to get some inexpensive ceiling cocking, seal those gaps up because it can really make a big difference.”

While you’re at the store Jarvis says there are pipe prevention materials that can help you out.

“If you have a line that freezes every winter or something you can try putting some heat tape on it.”

It’s a small cost that could save you some headache and a lot of cash compared to a possible bill in the thousands to fix a busted pipe along with any damages it can cause.

Jarvis also says as a last resort leave a drip out of your faucet.

“If you have a pipe and you know it’s going to freeze or re-freeze if you leave just a little trickle coming out of the faucet it will tend to keep that from freezing.”

Experts also say to make sure you are changing your furnace filter out so it can run at full speed, and for every degree you dial down the thermometer that will save you up to 3% in your bill.

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