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As families head out for the holidays, one fun way to pass the time and keep people entertained on a road trip is to play a game.

I spy can be played by children of almost any age. This game does not require any tools, cards, or boards to play which means your family can play the game anytime and anywhere. I spy tests and develops your observation skills while expanding vocabulary as well as be used to teach young children about letters, names, shapes, and objects. It’s also a fun way to pass time when you’re on a road trip, waiting to board a train, plane, or bus, on a family holiday, in a waiting room, while you’re out shopping, or if you’re looking for something to do with friends. The road trip classic starts with a person says “I spy with my little eye…. something” and then vaguely describes something they see, like “I spy something green”. The other players take turns asking yes or no questions until they can guess the item.

Would you rather questions are a great way to get a conversation started in a fun and interesting way.

In categories, every player gets a turn picking a category like NFL teams or country musicians then everyone takes turns naming something in that category until someone is stumped.

Enjoy a game of truth or dare where all the dares must be something that can be safely accomplished in the car.

For a storybook road trip memory, play going on a picnic. The first person says “I’m going on a picnic and I’m going to bring,” then lists an item. The next person begins “I’m going on a picnic and I’m going to bring,” then must list the first person’s item before adding their own item. The list grows and grows and the first person to not be able to correctly list the items loses or is out if you have enough people to play elimination rounds.

Everyone in the car gets to make one nonsense rule, like “every time we go under a bridge everyone needs to bark like a dog” or “whenever I put my hat on everyone has to touch the roof of the car”. Every time a rule is enforced everyone but the last person to catch on gains a point. Whoever has the least points when you get to your destination loses.

Tell a story where each person says one sentence at a time. The catch is that each sentence must go from starting with either “fortunately” or “unfortunately,”

Punch buggy is a car game where players punch each other on the arm when they see a Volkswagen Beetle. The person punching is the first one to call out “Punch buggy,” or “Slug bug” followed by the color of the car.

Another activity that families can enjoy is the license plate game, where you get a point for every state license plate you can identify until you reach your destination.

Many of these games can be played together so call out “Illinois,” while punching a person as you pass a red Beetle and barking under a bridge.

Whatever you do to pass the time, remember to be thankful for the friends and family you are sharing the holidays with and enjoy the journey.

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