LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The holiday weekend is officially underway, and as people get ready to celebrate many scrambling to find fireworks.

“Because of COVID we haven’t been able to get a lot of our fireworks imported. So we’ve had to be pretty creative in our promotions and stacking and all of those things,” said Jess Metzger, Phantom Fireworks showroom manager.

And firework locations, don’t have as much to offer the kids this year either.

“Seems like we have more bigger stuff this year, and not as much of the smaller things. There’s still a good selection though,” says Josh Kapp, independent contractor for TNT Fireworks.

The shortage has led to increased prices. “We did have to increase our prices 10 percent to account for that,” said Metzger.
“Some items have gone up, some kind of stayed the same but overall it’s gone up a little bit,” said Kapp.

There are also not as many deals compared to years before.

“I think with the shortage we weren’t able to do our traditional buy one get two free and that disappointed a lot of customers. But I think Phantom did a great job pushing out a bunch of coupons and a bunch of different deals if you shopped early,” said Metzger.

But that’s not stopping sales, store managers say last year since many fireworks were cancelled, people had their own shows. Many are continuing that trend this year.

“We still see an uptick, I think a lot of people see a lot of fireworks last year, and so they’re still coming in and continuing to buy,” said Metzger.

The closer we get to the 4th the more crowded the stores, and thankfully the weather is going to cooperate.

“Now that the rain has subsided, sales have definitely increasing,” said Kapp.