First Black-owned entertainment studio coming to Lansing


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — It’s called Greenwood District Studios but it used to be the Lansing Cinema. The owner bought the space and is in the process of transforming it.

Even though their in the building process, they’re already gained quite the following.

“We want to be the change that we see in the industry and sometimes you just gotta go do it,” said Amaru, the owner of Greenwood District Studios.

Amaru and his partner Kirsten Kirsch were on the hunt to bring creativity and unity to Lansing, even in a global pandemic.
“How can I use my powers to do good and bring the people together,” said …

But little did he know what he was looking for, would end up right in front of him.

“I was like you know, aye what’s that building right there? And my girl was like that’s the old movie Lansing theater. Oh what do you mean old, it’s closed? She said yeah it’s been closed for a long time. I was like check please. And we were in here the next day,” he said.

Space, Amaru saw potential in…

“The opportunities that are not necessarily open at a big studio are here for the locals. Because if we give the kids some hope. We’ll change the city,” he said.

With the help of several volunteers, the renovation started. In the upcoming year, Amaru says the studio will have a drive in theater, tv production, music studio, a comedy club and more.

“So even to see week to week the change, and what a coat of paint will do and what’s some effort and clean up would do,” said Kristen Kirsch, co-owner of Greenwood District Studios.

The studio has an account on the app, Tik Tok and a video about the new space ended up going viral. After that thousands of followers expressed their support of the project.
“So really being able to show the community that we are inclusive and that we are welcome to everyone,” said Kirsch.

He’s grateful that people believe in his vision.
“For people to see it and ride with you. It’s a dream come true,” said Amaru.

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