FLINT, Mich. (WLNS) – Michael Anthony Griffin was convicted of felony murder and child abuse in 2010 after prosecutors say he abused and killed his daughter, Naviah Griffin.

Now, after working with the Innocence Project, Griffin is out on bond.

During his trial, the state argued with testimony from seven doctors that Griffin intentionally abused his daughter by slamming or shaking her, causing her death.

Griffin denied the allegations and instead claimed Naviah fell out of an unsecured baby swing, something that had apparently happened before.

Autopsy evidence showed that Naviah had a possible “neo membrane,” which means Naviah could have had prior head trauma that was worsened by her fall.

The Innocence Project argued that while the state had seven doctors testify against Griffin, Griffin’s counsel did not retain a single expert for his defense.

According to a press release from Mike Morse Law Firm, that could be considered ineffective assistance.

Now, Griffin could go through another trial.