LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The team in charge of prosecuting seven defendants in the Flint water crisis has announced its plan to appeal a judge’s dismissed charges.

“The residents of Flint have waited years for their day in court,” said the prosecution. “The public deserves to hear the evidence against these defendants.  Remanding these cases for preliminary exam is the next logical step in the legal process based on the ruling from the Michigan Supreme Court.”

The prosecution’s statement is in response to Judge Elizabeth Kelly’s Oct. 4 order to dismiss charges against seven.

The order does not impact former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.

That’s only because he was charged with misdemeanors and his case is being handled by a judge in a different Flint court.

“The prosecution is ready to present their case and looks forward to seeing the people of Flint have their day in court,” the prosecution concluded.

“The Michigan Supreme Court was very clear about its ruling in this case.  The government’s effort to dust off an archaic statute and proceed against Rich Baird in secrecy was resoundingly condemned by the high court.   The government deliberately chose to utilize a one-person grand jury in order to circumvent Mr. Baird’s right to a preliminary examination and an opportunity to challenge the evidence which the government claims it has against him in open court,” said Defense Attorney Randall Levine.