The ice storm has come and gone.

Some people are still dealing with all the water left behind.

One of the hardest hit areas is in Livingston County.

“This is the wall and this is supposedly my backyard.” Said Sara Rozell, Resident.

If you live here you better own a good pair of rain boots.

Sara Rozell has called Ore Lake home for 2 years.

This morning, she had one thought when she walked out the door.

“I have to get my kayak out.” Said Rozell.

Sara and her neighbors say this sort of thing happens too often.

“This is our 5th flood in 4 and half years.” Said Amber Bismack, Resident.

But this time is different.

“Right now the concern is with all the water on the roads. If it freezes, its going to be very dangerous driving on it. Including paramedics or fire department if they need to for emergencies.” Bismack added.

One person tells me what is causing it.

“The creek behind our road here, gets water from upstream. So there are a lot of stores up upstream, that have drainage coming off the parking lot. That flow into this area, that flows into the creek and then floods our roads.” Bismack added.

People are struggling to get out of their homes.

“This morning I put my rain boots on carried each child to the car. Went back in, got whatever our bags were. Brought those back in the car and wherever I’m going I take my rain boots off and put my other shoes on.” Bismack added.

The people 6 News spoke with say they haven’t heard anything from the township since the flood started.

All they want is answers.

“It’s frustrating because no one has really told us what’s going on. We need to have some answers here. I don’t want to leave my home.” Rozell added.

“It’s one thing to deal with flooding once every 4 or 5, 10 years. It’s different to have to deal with it 5 times less than 5 years.” Bismack added.

6 News did briefly speak with the township supervisor who said it isn’t that big of an issue.